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Active School Travel

Whats so great about active travel?
Travelling actively to school is all about creating healthier, more active students and parents, greater road safety awareness among students and families, safer streets and reduced traffic congestion at the school gate.
Holland Park State School has been a participant in the Active School Travel program since the beginning of 2016. In our first year, the school won the Brisbane-wide award for the highest percentage of active travel in a large school (over 600 students). Congratulations everyone at HPSS!
How does it work?
Every Wednesday is Active School Travel Day. Students walk, park and stride, scoot, ride, carpool or catch public transport to school (usually with their parents). Our fantastic student leaders are stationed at school entrances, ready to stamp AST passports. Prizes are available once a student has received a certain number of stamps as highlighted in the Passport.
Prizes available in 2017 include handballs, bag tags, drink bottles and book bags.
There are also two ‘bonus’ stamp days each term where stamps and prizes will be awarded on other days of the week. Special events are also held throughout the year to reward participants and have a bit of fun!
Teachers survey their students in the classrooms and record those actively travelling each Wednesday.  The class with the highest percentage wins the coveted ‘Golden Star’ trophy for display in their classroom.
Whats on this term
Term 1
The school launches the 2017 program on Wednesday 15 March with the theme “getting in the groove”.   Meet your friends at a local park and groove your way to school!
Bonus prizes will be awarded at the parks!
Bonus day Term 1
Friday 17 March – National Ride to School day and Bullying No Way day.
Ride your bike to school and park it in the new bike racks!
Term 2
Friday 19 May – National Walk Safely to School day
Get involved
If you would like to be involved in promoting active school travel, or you have some great ideas for the program, please contact us on
Parents and caregivers play a critical role in influencing the development of a child's positive road behaviour. Families are encouraged to participate in Active School Travel events and promote active and safe road behaviour.
Ideas for active travel include:
       parking a distance away from the school and walking the rest of the way (e.g. 500m/10 minute walk)
       going for a ride with your children to develop their confidence and exposure to traffic situations, as well as explaining traffic signs and signals
       travelling on public transport with your children to demonstrate correct behaviours
       walk, ride or scoot to school on AST days, and extra days in the week
       as a family, plan your journey to school, challenging yourself to travel a different way each time
       carpooling with another family and sharing trips.
Focus for each month
The Golden Boot award is a monthly competition in which all our active travel schools compete. The winning categories change each month to give all schools a chance at winning the coveted award.
Categories include the highest percentage of active travellers, most improved from the previous month and highest percentage of walkers. The winner of the Golden Boot has the privilege of displaying the trophy in their school for the month, as well as winning a great prize.  
Weekly winners will be presented at school assemblies and announced in the school newsletter each week (also available via QSchools).
Options for Active School Travel
Walk - Leave the car at home and walk to school.  If you live too far away, you can drive part of the way, and walk the rest.  This is called “Park & Stride.” Why not meet some friends at the park and walk together? It’s a great way to meet other parents and make new friends.
Cycle or Scoot - Ride your bike or scooter!  It’s legal to ride carefully on the footpath – and remember to always have your helmet secured!
Carpool - Find a friend and carpool to school.  It saves money and time!  Talk to friends in your class and see who lives nearby and is going your way!
Public Transport – The Brisbane City Council provides school buses that are only for school students. The 837 is an afternoon school bus that starts at HPSS and travels along Cavendish Rd to Garden City:
Visit for more information on buses that run along Cavendish and Logan Roads.
To help you plan your Active Travel, here is a map of the area around Holland Park State School.


Meet the Active School Travel Crew 

Active School Travel has five Active School Travel heroes. Our five heroes each represent a different mode of active travel. They’re fun, they’re active, they’re healthy and they’re great team players. They embody all the benefits we know kids get from actively travelling to and from school.
Each character has its own unique style and personality.  They make active travel real for our kids and help them to better connect with the five different travel modes we’re encouraging:  walking, cycling, scootering, public transport and carpooling. 
Walker has been putting one foot in front of the other since he was nearly 2 years old. He loves the freedom of walking to and from school and enjoys catching up with his mates on the way. He always uses STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK when he crosses the road.
Scoot rides his scooter to and from school with his friends everyday! He wears his helmet and is always looking out for cars coming in and out of driveways.
Ryder loves the feel of the wind in his face when he's on his bike. Ryder knows that when he's riding on the footpath he needs to give way to pedestrians and sound his bell. He always wears his helmet.
PT loves catching public transport, and her favourite is the bus. She catches it to and from school using her go card. PT always says hello to the driver, knows where to put her bag safely on the bus and offers her seat to adults when the bus is full.
Carsha is all about sharing her ride. She and her friends live a bit far away to walk to school, so their parents take turns driving them all to school, and Carsha and her friends play games on the way. She knows that one car at the school gate is better than three!
The Active School Travel program is run by the Brisbane City Council. More information is available at:
Active school travel at HPSS has also been supported by a Community Road Safety Grant from the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Grant funding has been used to purchase much needed bike and scooter racks, and to provide bike and scooter skills training for all students in 2017.
Community sponsors also provide prizes and awards throughout the year.  Thank you to previous sponsors:
Jeff Fitness Greenslopes
Amart All Sports
Flute Cafe
Stomp Espresso
If you are interested in becoming involved in the Active School Travel program or would like to attend our meetings, please contact Mel by emailing: for details.